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Difference Between Gross Salary and Net Salary

Difference Between Gross Salary and Net Salary

Understanding the difference between gross salary and net salary also known as gross pay and net pay is key to knowing how much money you’ll receive on pay day, also to know if a Job offer is to be accepted or not.

It’s also important for understanding your taxes, and can help you budget for your monthly living expenses. Here, you will know the key differences between gross vs. net salary.

What is Gross Salary;

Your gross salary is the amount of money you’ve made at a given job before deductions. This is usually shown at the top of your payslip, before any deductions are taken out of your pay. It will be the salary figure stated in your employment contract—a fixed amount usually paid monthly over a year. Remember that gross salary can also include other forms of earnings, such as interest payments or bonuses.

What is Net Salary
Your net salary is your total take-home pay after any taxes and other employee benefits are deducted. This is the amount of money paid into your bank account that can be used for your budgeting and living expenses. An easy way to think of it is: gross salary – deductions = net salary.

Another Analogy
What is gross salary vs. net salary?

Gross pay is the amount of money an employee receives from a company before any deductions—such as health insurance, taxes, or student loan payments—are taken out. When a job is advertised, the salary offered is usually listed as the gross pay. This is also sometimes known as your basic salary and excludes any short or long-term incentives or benefits. Net pay is the money left once taxes and deductions have been taken out of your gross pay. This is the amount that is paid into your bank account and constitutes your income.

If you’re a salaried employee, you will typically receive a breakdown of your salary each month on your payslip. Gross pay will usually be shown here—this is the higher figure and is often listed at the top of the slip. All taxes and deductions will typically be listed below it. Next to each of these items, you’ll see an amount of money, which is what will be deducted from your gross salary. The figure left after this is your net pay.

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