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How to Make Money Publishing Apps on Play Store: Appwork Review

is AppWork legit or scam
AppWork Review

How to Make Money Publishing Apps on Play Store: AppWork Review

How to Make Money Publishing Apps on Play Store
AppWork popularly known as is an app publishing company registered in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia with registration number 14125167, VAT number EE101944988. AppWork is like every other freelance website out there that pays it users (workers) to carry out tasks, complete tasks and surveys for a certain amount of money, but AppWork is different from other freelance websites you are familiar with, some of which are Fiverr, Upwork, Jvzoo etc.

While Fiverr, Upwork and the likes connect workers to employers based on services the worker/seller offers, AppWork pay her users to upload finished apps on playstore, it is more like connecting developers to employers with AppWork being a middle agent linking the developer to the employer. But here, you don’t have to code or build any app all you are expected to do is to  follow guild lines outlined by AppWork to publish finished apps on playstore and then get paid once the app hits production stage on your playstore console account.

In this article, we shall be covering the below keywords which are

  • How do i make money publishing apps on playstore
  • What is AppWork
  • How to signup and start making money on AppWork
  • How does AppWork Pay
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  • How long do i wait to get paid by App-work
  • Is AppWork Legit or Scam

If your thoughts revolves around the above listed keywords then you are in the right place as i will be taking you on a step by step guide on how to make your first $50 from AppWork.

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How To Make Money Publishing Apps on Playstore

There are two ways to make money by publishing apps on playstore which are

  1. Its either you are a Mobile app developer who develop games and apps for mobile consumption. You can earn money from the apps you develop by placing ads in the apps, some of these ads are
    Epom Apps
    Audience Network
    MoPub amongst others.As a developer you can signup for this ads network, get approved and then place ads in your apps to start making money from your mobile users.You can also make money by offering in-app purchases like selling of credits, coins, talk hours etc In-app purchases are extra content or subscriptions that you buy inside an app.

    The last way you can earn money as a mobile developer is to sell your apps as a premium apps, you can list your apps on playstore as a free app which users can install for free or you can list it as a paid app in which users have to pay a certain amount of money before they can install it on playstore example of paid apps can be ads free apps – this are apps that does not contain ads etc

  2. Another easiest way to make money publishing apps on playstore is to sign up as a freelancer and then offer app upload services to playstore. yes, you can put your playstore console account as a service center wherein app owners can hire you to upload their apps on playstore.But the question is: Where will you get app owners to pay you to publish their apps? or are you worried that you might pay an $25 for a playstore developer account and you might not get employers to give you their apps to publish for them. Or are you worried that your App publishing business might not sell on fiverr and other freelance websites?This is where AppWork comes in to play, AppWork will pay you to Own a Google Play Store console account, it will also pay you to publish apps on the play store which you can always withdraw your earnings almost immediately after the app has been published and now live on play store.

What is AppWork

AppWork or is a unique freelance platform that has no analogues. it specializes in mobile applications, have reliable customers and regular performers in the development, design and publication of applications.

How to signup and start making money on AppWork

To make money with AppWork is very easy, all you need is a Google Play Store Console Account which will cost you about $25 which is a one time registration fee is an Education, Travel, Scholarship, Visa and How to Blog updated daily with latest information for your daily digestion

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