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Top 10 most profitable languages to learn for the future

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With 6,500 languages spoken around the world, choosing what language to learn can be overwhelming. This variety of languages is what makes our world beautiful because of the diversity every language can offer. 
Although some of these languages are not that widely spoken, this does not diminish their importance. In the past couple of years, learning a foreign language has become more and more popular around the world. 

But with so many choices at hand, which language is the best language for you to learn? You might ask, how do you define the best language to learn? 
While we agree that each language is unique and has its own cultural and linguistic value.
it’s also worth noting that learning a new language includes a lot of work and effort, requiring us to spend some time researching to find the most suitable one to learn. 
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Because Germany has been the most dominant economy in Europe, learning German will be an essential language to learn for international business and diplomacy.
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If you wish to be part of the growing economies in the Middle East and Africa, Arabic is the perfect language to consider. 
It is one of the most spoken languages in the world, and it has become the sixth official working language of the United Nations General Assembly and its main committees.
French is spoken in 68 countries worldwide and, along with English, is one of the few languages spoken on all five continents. Being fluent in French is an ace in the hole to increase job opportunities in the international job market. 
French is also the official language of many international organizations, such as the European Union. 
Several bodies like UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee, and the International Red Cross, as well as the official language of many international courts.
I always speak English and I know for a fact that English is one of the most important languages to learn for 2023 and beyond. It is used in global business, worldwide travel, diplomatic affairs, and in computer technology.
Not only that, but many of the top global economies are English-speaking ones, including the US. As well as Canada, Australia, and the UK.
English has the highest number of second language speakers as well, with almost a billion non-native English speakers in the world.
Russian is a powerful language and not so difficult to learn. Many European countries are taking part in this language.
The Russian language also has the second highest percentage of internet content (following English), and the leading percent of internet content in Europe
Many Japanese learners first started learning Japanese because of their love for manga or anime. The Japanese language can also be a perfect gateway to other Asian languages. 
Developed from the same root, the Japanese language shares a lot of common words with Chinese. When compared to Chinese and Korean, Japanese pronunciation is also relatively easier.
So it can be a great place to start for beginners.
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Indeed, learning Japanese can help you better understand Japanese anime, movies, and games with little effort.  And these cultural products provide language learners with perfect learning materials to help them learn with fun.
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I’ve always loved India and its Bollywood movies. With some of the highest numbers of speakers in the world, Hindi is one of the most important languages to learn without a doubt.
But like with other languages, it’s not just the sheer number of speakers that should entice you to learn the language, but the global power of where the language comes from. 
There is a reason behind every goal. Learning a new language is something I will always recommend to anyone trying to evolve.  This is what keeps you motivated in learning a foreign language.
You should ask yourself why you want to learn a certain language. Is it because you just want to understand the lyrics and subtitles from your favorite song and movie
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Amazing write-up. I fancy french
thank you tony
I got lost when you mentioned Arabic to be the 5th most spoken language and mentioned the same for Portuguese to be the 5th most spoken also.
Tho, I love the content and I have always been a Portuguese fan and now I love the perspective of German and Arabic😊.
But where can I learn them?🥺
Same here. Research works

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